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Look Who The New Leaker Is That The Trump Administration Caught


Look Who The New Leaker Is That The Trump Administration Caught

President Donald Trump and his administration have been fighting off people trying to sabotage the government for a long time now. It seems like every week there are new reports of leaks and the like that try to disturb the newly elected officials. There are too many of these things happening and something needs to be done to stop them before they get even more out of control. We have never seen an administration get attacked like this before and it is really quite eye opening.

There are now reports of yet another criminal that was involved in the Obama administration. Kevin Mallory has been accused of selling top secret information to Chinese officials for a price. This is pretty scary. It just goes to show how far down these criminal misdoings went down the Obama administration chain of command. In order to stop these, we need to investigate every claim made thoroughly as we cannot have people like Mallory running around free.

When Kevin was coming back from Shanghai, he was stopped by customs officers who found $16,500 in cash in a suitcase. After this he admitted that he has met with Chinese intel officers. He could see life in prison for his actions and that is exactly what he deserves. When something like this happens, it is important to not let it continue to happen. There were too many times under the Obama administration when something like this took place and that is not okay.

Liberals plead with conservatives to leave Obama alone. They swear that he was not involved in any of the wrongdoing that plagued his administration. But that has been proven wrong time and time again. It is only a matter of time before we get the whole truth from all of this.

Obama needs to see some punishment as he was the say all end all in this bad behavior. When will the liberal realize that he is not as perfect as he says he is?
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