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New York Times reporter recalls Donald Trump calling her a “Dog with the face of a pig”


New York Times reporter recalls Donald Trump calling her a “Dog with the face of a pig”

President Trump has a long history of making disparaging remarks about women. While his recent Twitter attack on Mika Brzezinski is just the most vicious since becoming president, he has said and done a lot worse. He routinely called women “fat pigs,” especially Rossie O’Donnell, who he targeted like it was a second job. He even said that Carly Fiorina would never be elected president because she wasn’t hot enough. Then there are the many remarks about Megyn Kelly, saying that she had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

After Trump’s tweets about Brzezinski, New York Times columnist Gail Collins described how Trump went out of his way to degrade her:
I have to confess I’ve overestimated Donald Trump.
Back in the day, he sent me a copy of a column he objected to, with some notes suggesting I was a “dog and a liar” with “the face of a pig.”
I’ve had many opportunities to make use of that story since Trump became a presidential candidate, so it’s all fine for me. However, I have to admit that it did not occur to me he’d keep doing that kind of stuff as president of the United States.

It only took Trump five months to revert from simply complaining about women, like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Angela Merkel, to saying something hideous about their physical appearance—it’s not even his first remark involving blood. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump, a self-proclaimed feminist, and Kellyanne Conway, a self-proclaimed post-feminist, have remained silent. Melania Trump, who claims to advocate for anti-cyberbullying causes, sent her spokeswoman out to defend Trump. Sarah Huckabee Sanders also defended Trump during the White House daily briefing.
Many people might feel like Collins, shocked that Trump would still behave this way even as the president. But it was just a matter of time. It’s also an indication of what to start expecting now that the misogynistic time bomb exploded.

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