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Psychoanalyst Reveals Disturbing Revelation About Trump Supporters, And It Is Very Sad


Psychoanalyst Reveals Disturbing Revelation About Trump Supporters, And It Is Very Sad

Why do people support Donald Trump, despite his continued disgusting behavior?
One question many reason-minded Americans are asking is why so many people not only supported Trump in the first place, but why they still support him. Thanks to Dr. Justin Frank, a prominent psychoanalyst, we might have an answer—and it’s a tragic one.
Frank argues that Trump supporters are like victims of an abusive relationship. Trump fulfilled a need for many Americans:

“The people who were Trump supporters were hungry… and they needed something. And Trump seemed to provide them with that. And once you provide that for someone they are going to stay loyal to you regardless of what you do after that, unless you really turn your back on them.”

And once that loyalty is established, a Trump supporter behaves like an abused child:

“It’s like a child of an abused parent, or a child who is going to defend his mother against whatever attacks happen, because he touched people in a very deep core when he spoke to them.”

And as Frank indicates, this analysis is not good for Democrats. Democrats are trying to figure out how to flip Trump voters, but are not acknowledging their emotional needs. Trump did that.
Democrats are losing the battle with their continual attacks on Trump. All this does is strengthen Trump voters’ resolve and keeps them locked in the “abusive” relationship with the president. Running as “not Trump” candidates won’t work. In 2018, they need to have a real message to appeal to Trump supporters’ needs, not attack the man they believe is there to help him.
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